Saturday, June 6, 2009

Very busy the last couple of weeks.

I shouldn't be blogging right now. I have to get ready for 12 girls to show up for a sleep over. What was I thinking when I said yes to this. I have a demo tomorrow at Color n' Clay in Southern Pines. I got at my samples ready and almost everything cut. Its nice to be able to demo Stampin Up. I don't know where to meet people that like to rubber stamp and scrapbook. I can't use Micheal's that way anymore. Before it was easy since I use to work for them. On a different note. I just found out that the gift shop on Ft Bragg wants to carry my wrapped pendants and my Bears. Well I think I just need to give into the Bears too. I was trying to work my way from them. I have found that people from all over has seen them. I tell you this is a small world. So sewing and wrapping will be by niche. Oh and don't forget scrapbooking and rubber stamping. I guess I need to put them all on here for you to see. Well let me tend to the girls.

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  1. YAY! (on the bears and pendants) What WERE you thinking? (on the sleepover -- lol!) I LOVE the 'uniform' bear :-) Congrats on ALL you do and accomplish -- good luck with your demo!